You Know Who

Hello, how nice of you to visit our website! We are Kitty and daughter Sheryn and we keep a small herd of lovely Gypsy Cobs. We used to only have a few Cobs but our appreciation for this calm and loyal breed has made us expand over the years. It all started many years ago when I had lost my courage riding after an unfortunate experience with a horse and while visiting a pony park with our daughter I met this one Cob who made me feel very safe again. This mare's gentle nature was something I couldn't forget and I thought that if we ever had a chance to buy a new horse it had be a Gypsy Cob.

When Sheryn had outgrown her old pony we started looking for our first Cob. We ended up buying a small tobiano filly named Cheyenne, a one of a kind horse we could never part with. She is the most gentle, calm horse we know and even the smallest children can ride her without the slightest effort. She has exactly the character I had hoped to find in our own Cob.

Years later we decided we had to have another one! This time we were dying to have our own foal out of Cheyenne and after a search for the perfect stallion Chihiro was born. A year later we had the opportunity to move to Belgium and keep our horses at our house on a big pasture and so we started expanding again by buying two more mares; Shenna and Shylow, because breeding our first foal with Cheyenne was an amazing experience we would love to try doing again.

With four mares we were tempted to buy our own stallion too, although we wanted one with a unique color and that's how we found our gorgeous dunskin, Guess Who, who's joined our little herd all the way from Denmark. Now we just can't seem to stop because it's hard to resist all these gorgeous Cobs all around the world!

I hope you will enjoy our Cobs as much as we do and on occasion we will have a few of them for sale. And because we want to give everyone to opportunity to own their own Gypsy Cob we will never shy away from monthly payments on our foals as long as they are not weaned.
If you have any comments or questions regarding our horses feel free to contact us any time and we will reply to your message as soon as possible.