Frilenis Guess Who


Guess is everything you're looking for. He has it all; quality, personality, pedigree and of course his tested unique dunskin color. Guess will make 14.2hh and carries Ee Aa dD nCr which means the color possibilities are endless. Both parents are PSSM1 free, which makes Guess PSSM1 free as well. His pedigree includes names like The Boss, The Business, Roadsweeper and Coal Horse and goes back fourteen generations. You can view his full pedigree here.

Guess Who was available to the public for the 2015 breeding season in the United States. For more information on the sales for the United States you can contact Chris Baehnman. For Europe we only use Guess for our own mares. As for new straws, at the moment we are not making any new straws. We are only selling our foals and we are expecting several unique foals for 2017.

Guess has only produced 6 foals so far and all with color: the first ever smokey grulla, one smokey black, one dunalino, a red dun and two dunskins (one dunskin colt has sadly passed away). He just keeps producing color! We're already looking forward to our 2017 foals.


Guess Who Frilenis Ailill
The Red Rooster
Peter Ash's Tubsy
Frilenis Ebony
The Business
Palomino Cob
Coates Autumn
Skewbald Cob  
Coates Shady Lady  







smokey black


smokey grulla


red dun tobiano